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Jérôme Vouillon

Chargé de Recherche au CNRS

Email: Jerome.Vouillon@pps.jussieu.fr

Software developpement

I'm working on the Ocsigen Web server.
I'm one of the maintainers of the Unison file synchronizer.
I have written a cooperative thread library for OCaml
I have written a fast and powerful DFA-based regular expression library for OCaml.
Objective Caml
I designed and implemented the object-oriented part of OCaml during my PhD thesis.
I wrote a replay debugger for OCaml. (It is distributed with OCaml.)
I wrote a search tool for Caml Light using type isomorphisms. (It is included in the Caml Light distribution.)


Recent papers
Polymorphic Regular Tree Types and Patterns
Polymorphism and XDuce-style patterns
Subtyping Union Types
Recursive polymorphic types and parametricity in an operational framework (with Paul-André Melliés.)
Semantic Types: A fresh look at the ideal model for types (with Paul-André Melliés.)
What's in Unison? A Formal Specification and Reference Implementation of a File Synchronizer (with Benjamin C. Pierce.)
Other publications
A more comprehensive list of publications is also available on-line.

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