14th International Workshop on
Expressiveness in Concurrency
Monday, 3 September, 2007
Lisbon, Portugal
Affiliated with CONCUR 2007

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The EXPRESS workshops aim at bringing together researchers interested in the relations between various formal systems, particularly in the field of Concurrency. More specifically, they focus on the comparison between programming concepts (such as concurrent, functional, imperative, logic and object-oriented programming) and between mathematical models of computation (such as process algebras, Petri nets, event structures, modal logics, rewrite systems etc.) on the basis of their relative expressive power.

Invited Speakers

Jos Baeten, Eindhoven.
CÚdric Fournet, Cambridge (Joint with SecCo 2007 workshop).
François Laroussinie, Cachan.
Iain Phillips, London (Joint with GT-VC 2007 workshop).

Call for Papers

Paper submission is performed through the EXPRESS 07 EASY CHAIR SERVER and it goes in two steps: abstract submission by May 30th 2007 [Extended due to a delay in CONCUR notification] and paper submission by June 1st, 2007. Submissions may be of two forms: Simultaneous submission to other conferences or journals is only allowed for short papers. Submissions may already use the ENTCS-style format. A preliminary version of the proceedings will be available at the workshop. After the workshop, authors of full papers will be asked to prepare a final version of their paper in the ENTCS-style format to be published in the ENTCS (Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science). It is recommended that the final version of the paper includes as much as possible proofs and technical material while keeping the length within 25 pages.

Important Dates

Abstract submission: Wed, 30 May, 2007 [Extended due to a delay in CONCUR notification].
Paper submission: Friday, 1 June, 2007
Notification date: Friday, 29 June, 2007
Submission of preliminary version for the Proceedings: Friday, 6 July, 2007
Submission of final version for ENTCS: Friday, 28 September, 2007

Programme Committee

Roberto Amadio (co-chair), Paris
Luis Caires, Lisbon
Sybille Froeschle, Warsaw
Philippa Gardner, London
Daniele Gorla, Rome
Thomas Hildebrandt (co-chair), Copenhagen
Bas Luttik, Eindhoven
Uwe Nestmann, Berlin
Julian Rathke, Southampton
Roberto Segala, Verona
Pawel Sobocinski, Southampton


The EXPRESS workshops were originally held as meetings of the HCM project EXPRESS, which was active with the same focus from January 1994 till December 1997. The first three workshops were held respectively in Amsterdam (1994, chaired by Frits Vaandrager), Tarquinia (1995, chaired by Rocco De Nicola), and Dagstuhl (1996, co-chaired by Ursula Goltz and Rocco De Nicola). EXPRESS'97, which took place in Santa Margherita Ligure and was co-chaired by Catuscia Palamidessi and Joachim Parrow, was organized as a conference with a call for papers and a significant attendance from outside the project. EXPRESS'98 was held as a satellite workshop of the CONCUR'98 conference in Nice, co-chaired by Ilaria Castellani and Catuscia Palamidessi, and like on that occasion EXPRESS'99 was hosted by the CONCUR'99 conference in Eindhoven, co-chaired by Ilaria Castellani and Bj÷rn Victor. The EXPRESS'00 workshop was held as a satellite workshop of CONCUR 2000, Pennsylvania State University, USA, co-chaired by Luca Aceto and Bj÷rn Victor. The EXPRESS'01 workshop was held at BRICS, Aalborg University as a satellite of CONCUR'01 and was co-chaired by Luca Aceto and Prakash Panangaden. The EXPRESS'02 workshop was held at Brno University as a satellite of CONCUR'02 and was co-chaired by Uwe Nestmann and Prakash Panangaden. The EXPRESS'03 workshop was co-located with CONCUR 2003, Marseille, France, co-chaired by Flavio Corradini and Uwe Nestmann. The EXPRESS '04 workshop was co-located with CONCUR 2004, London, Great Britain, co-chaired by Jos Baeten and Flavio Corradini. The EXPRESS '05 workshop was co-located with CONCUR 2005, San Francisco, USA, co-chaired by Jos Baeten and Iain Phillips. The EXPRESS '06 workshop was co-located with CONCUR 2006, Bonn, Germany, co-chaired by Roberto Amadio and Iain Phillips.

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